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Tom Stinchcombe, MD

Associate Professor

Department of Medicine
    Division of Hematology and Oncology

Cancer Services, Multidisciplinary Clinical Services, Thoracic Oncology Program, Medical Oncology
Cancer Services, Divisional Programs, Medical Hematology/Oncology
Medicine, Hematology/Oncology
Cancer Services, Multidisciplinary Clinical Services, Medical Oncology
Medicine, Hematology/Oncology

Lung cancer.
Clinical Appointment Phone:  919-966-7648
Clinical Appointment Phone:  919-966-0000
Fax:  919-966-6735
E-mail Address:
Assistant Name:  Terri King
Assistant Phone:  919-966-1996
Assistant Email:
Work Phone:  919-966-4431
Thomas Stinchcombe, MD

Internal Medicine, Hematology - Board Certified
Oncology - Board Certified

Education and Training
Medical School: MD, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 1995
Residency: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Area: Hematology/Oncoology
Fellowship: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC

  1. “Epidemiology of Cancer”
    Authors: Thomas E. Stinchcombe
    Cancer: Principles and Practice of Oncology Review 2nd edition

  2. Small Cell Lung Cancer
    Authors: Thomas E. Stinchcombe and Mark A. Socinski
    General Thoracic Surgery 7e

  3. On search under Stinchcombe TE for more articles

  4. Renal Cell Carcinoma
    Authors: Paul A. Godley and Thomas Stinchcombe
    Current Opinion in Oncology 1999 May, 11 (3): 213-7, 1999

  5. Duration of first-line chemotherapy in advanced non small-cell lung cancer: less is more in the era of effective subsequent therapies.
    Authors: Mark A. Socinski and Thomas E. Stinchcombe
    J Clin Oncol. 2007 Nov 20;25(33):5155-7., 2007

  6. Induction chemotherapy with carboplatin, irinotecan, and paclitaxel followed by high dose three-dimension conformal thoracic radiotherapy
    Authors: Thomas E. Stinchcombe,* David E. Morris,* Carrie B. Lee, Dominic T. Moore, D. Neil Hayes, Jan S. Halle, M. Patricia Riveria, Julian G. Rosenman, and Mark A. Socinski
    J Thorac Oncol. 2008 Mar;3(3):250-7., 2008

  7. Third-Generation Agents in the Treatment of advanced Non-small cell lung cancer: A meta-analysis.
    Authors: Thomas E. Stinchcombe*, Daniel B. Fried, Maria Q. Baggstrom*, Thomas A. Hensing, Mark A. Socinski.
    Letters to the Editor Journal of Thoracic Oncology 2008. Mar 3 (3):320-322, 2008

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