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Vickie Bae-Jump, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Division of Gynecologic Oncology

Cancer Services, Multidisciplinary Clinical Services, Gynecologic Oncology, Faculty
Obstetrics And Gynecology, Gynecologic Oncology

Surgery and chemotherapy for gynecologic malignancies; translational research in ovarian and endometrial cancer; novel therapeutics for endometrial cancer
CHAPEL HILL | On Campus Appointment:  919-966-7822

Victoria L. Bae-Jump, MD, PhD

Obstetrics and Gynecology - Board Certified
Gynecologic Oncology - Board Certified

Education and Training
Doctoral: PhD, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA., 1995
Area: Pathology
Postdoctoral Training: Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA, 1996
Area: Pathology
Medical School: MD, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA., 2000
Residency: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 2004
Area: Obstetrics & Gynecology
Fellowship: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 2007
Area: Gynecologic Oncology

  1. The PTEN tumor suppressor inhibits telomerase activity in endometrial cancer cells by decreasing hTERT mRNA level
    Authors: Zhou, C, Bae-Jump, VL, Whang, YE, Gehrig, PA and Boggess, JF,
    Gynecologic Oncology, 101, 305-10, 2006

  2. Rapamycin inhibits hTERT telomerase mRNA expression, independent of cell cycle arrest,
    Authors: Bae-Jump, VL, Zhou, C, Gehrig, PA, Whang, YE and Boggess, JF
    Gynecologic Oncology, 100, 487-94, 2006

  3. Estrogen receptor dependent regulation of telomerase activity in human endometrial cancer cell lines.
    Authors: Boggess, JF, Zhou, C, Bae-Jump, VL, Gehrig, PA, Whang, YE.
    Gynecologic Oncology, 103, 417-24, 2006

  4. The role of multi-modality adjuvant chemotherapy and radiation in women with advanced stage endometrial cancer
    Authors: Alvarez Secord, A, Havrilesky, LJ, Bae-Jump, VL, Chin, J, Calingaert, B, Bland, A, Rutledge, TR, Berchuck, A, Clarke-Pearson, DL, and Gehrig, PA
    Gynecologic Oncology, 107, 285-91, 2007

  5. Outcomes in surgical stage I uterine papillary serous carcinoma
    Authors: Havrilesky, L, Alvarez-Secord, A, Bae-Jump, VL, Ayeni, T, Calingaert, B, Clarke-Pearson, D, Berchuck, A and Gehrig, PA
    Gynecologic Oncology, 105, 688-82, 2007

  6. Induction of apoptosis and inhibtion of telomerase activity by arsenic trioxide (AS2O3) in endometrial carcinoma cells
    Authors: Zhou, C, Boggess, JF, Bae-Jump, VL and Gehrig, PA,
    Gynecologic Oncology, 105, 218-222, 2007

  7. Cytologic Evaluation Correlates Poorly with Histologic Diagnosis of Vulvar Neoplasias
    Authors: Bae-Jump, VL, Bauer, M and Van Le, L,
    Journal of Lower Genital Tract Disease, 11, 8-11, 2007

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