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Knightdale Family Medicine
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About Robert Stark Adams Jr., MD
Specialties and Subspecialties
Family Medicine
Primary Care
Special Interests
Dermatology, gynecology and geriatrics.
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Provider Type | Clinician
Gender | Male
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I was a Navy SEAL and loved that job until age made it more difficult. When I had to choose a new profession, I remembered that biology was the only easy A that I got in college because I loved it. Medicine seemed like a way to love what I did again. I believe it is important to first get off medicines that do more harm than good. Next, help the patient understand health and the path that best gets there. Finally, accept the patients right to choose. Bad health choices are still choices. Educate, inform and develop trust. The right choices will follow. And, not every problem can be solved with a pill. When I am not working, I enjoy fishing, reading, playing with my grandchildren and new business development.
Education and Experience
Medical School
Wake Forest University
Madigan Army Medical Center
Family Medicine, Board Certified
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