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About Elizabeth B. Gibbons, MD
Specialties and Subspecialties
Family Medicine
Primary Care
Special Interests
Women’s health, prevention and management of chronic conditions
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Provider Type | Clinician
Gender | Female
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I wanted to be a doctor since I was 4 years old. I was entertained and inspired by the stories told by my grandfather who was a general practitioner right after World War II in Horry County, SC and did so many deliveries that he became an obstetrician by default. I was encouraged by my favorite girl cousin, Frances, who went to medical school in the 1970s to become a pediatrician and by my great-uncle Phillip, a very kind and wise psychiatrist. These three family members showed me that being a physician is a calling and that I, too, was called to serve. My philosophy of care is summed up in the words of wisdom my grandfather gave to me, “if you listen to your patient, she will tell you her diagnosis". In my free time, I like to spend time outdoors, walking, bird watching and reading.
Education and Experience
Medical School
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Family Medicine, Board Certified
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