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About Clark R. Denniston, MD
Specialties and Subspecialties
Family Medicine
Primary Care
Procedures and Research
Full-spectrum family medicine, including obstetrics
Special Interests
Maternal health
Provider Details
Provider Type | Clinician, Researcher
Gender | Male
UNC Hospitals
UNC Hospitals- N.C. Children's Hospital
UNC Hospitals- N.C. Women's Hospital
UNC Physicians Network
Departments and Divisions
Department of Family Medicine
I grew up watching Marcus Welby, MD on TV, and I was inspired by the role model! Then, during high school, I got a job working as a tech in the operating room at Georgetown Hospital in D.C., and I was hooked. I believe in the partnership model of care with my patients, supporting shared decision-making and tailoring my approach to the individual person who entrusts me with their care. Outside of work, I love to cook, explore new cuisines, woodworking and carpentry.
Education and Experience
Medical School
Georgetown University, 1983
Silas B. Hayes Army Hospital, 1986
Area: Family Practice
Family Practice, Board Certified, 2000
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